Harold Jean-Louis

Talent Acquisition Partners

Harold Jean-Louis has more than 5 years helping get virtual interns to the next level. As a graduate of Syracuse University, he remembers thinking that the traditional internship placement model was archaic and wasn’t a great fit for everyone, so when he got the chance to create his own companies he designed remote internship programs in each. Harold is the ultimate serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Smart Coos, which is an education-based language learning platform for children, a consultant, and co-founder of Single While Entrepreneuring. The alumnus of his internship programs have been thankful that there was a different avenue for them to get experience, that is better suited for modern students. Harold believes in improving the lives of all those that he encounters, so he uses his entrepreneurial knowledge to empower a generation with best practices to gain valuable experience to move into industries where they will be able to make a significant impact.