Diversity Hiring: Online Writing Teacher for Ages 9-18

Brave Writer is hiring!

We’re looking for people from diverse backgrounds to join our creative and talented team of writing coaches.

Brave Writer is passionate about alternative education and serving families from diverse communities. If you share this passion and would like to supplement your income with part-time work from home, consider working with us!

Job Description

Brave Writer offers online courses to help students (mostly homeschooled) progress as academic and creative writers. We offer asynchronous courses (in writing, no video) to teach parents and children how to find the ideas within and express them with clear and compelling prose.

Scheduling and hours are flexible and based on your availability, interest, and our staffing needs. Classes last 3-6 weeks. Typical staffing assignments for new coaches are 1-2 classes a semester, though if demand is higher, we will offer more classes. Hours range from 10-25 hours a week. Pay is based on class type and ranges from $300-$400 a week while teaching.

Job Requirements

On your application, be prepared to share details in the following areas.

1. Experience with Alternative Education

We’re looking for candidates with approximately three years of experience in instruction using an alternative education model: homeschool, pod school, Montessori, Waldorf, experimental education, special needs program, or other!

2. Writing You’ve Published

Publishing credits in any of the following venues are necessary:

  • Magazine articles
  • Books
  • Active blog with a readership
  • Community newsletter (homeschooling, religious community, affinity group, etc.)
  • Letters to the editor or editorials
  • You tell us! (There are lots of ways to be published today.)

3. Experience with Underrepresented Communities

In order to serve our increasingly diverse student body, we’re looking for instructors who have experience working with underrepresented communities. This experience can be at a personal or community level.

Equal Opportunity Employer!



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