Diversity Hiring: Artist Liaison

Provide administrative and organizational support to the Music Director, all guest soloists and conductors, assistant conductors, artists’ managers, and composers at Symphony Hall and at Tanglewood. Develop and manage seasonal budgets for artists travel and accommodation. Secure cost-effective travel and accommodation for artists and help seek sponsorship for this. Arrange for the payment of artists, ensuring that all tax requirements are observed.
Obtain and circulate rehearsal orders and other performance-related details. Supervise the day-to-day schedule of BSO drivers/valets, as well as supplementary staff at Tanglewood, including a staff assistant. Select and supervise Guides for Tanglewood. Develop, plan, and help execute special program-based projects, as required.



  • Develop and maintain the day-to-day schedule of the Music Director, in collaboration with other BSO departments.
  • Assist Music Director with his/her day-to-day business and personal matters.
  • Develop, implement, and manage seasonal budgets for artists’ travel and accommodation. Provide budget estimates to the Artistic Administrator for the purposes of forward planning.
  • Seek out the most cost-effective options for artists’ travel and accommodation. Develop and manage systems to ensure the timely confirmation of these arrangements.
  • Monitor changes in contractual patterns in the entertainment field and recommend appropriate changes.
  • Work with relevant Development and Marketing Office staff to obtain hotel, airline and event (food) sponsorships, and in-kind donations.
  • Develop and implement systems to monitor, record and manage the usage of in-kind donated services.
  • Organize and distribute all travel, hotel and driving schedules for Music Director, guest conductors, guest soloists, and visiting composers.
  • Consult with Music Director and guest conductors for rehearsal orders and other rehearsal/concert-related matters as necessary, for scheduling of orchestra and soloists.
  • Draft and communicate all scheduling of rehearsal and concert times for guest soloists, either directly or through their management.
  • Ensure that each guest artist has assistance of any kind with business or personal matters as needed (e.g., doctors’ appointments, banking, beauty appointments, etc.)
  • Process payments of fees to Music Director and guest artists. Process, code and track all bills relating to artist expenses. Banking duties as necessary. Develop systems to track expenses.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of tax treaties with foreign countries for payments to foreign artists. Maintain thorough knowledge of IRS tax exemption forms. Assist artists and their managers with any taxation-related matters.
  • Undertake concert duty as required.
  • Undertake post concert entertainment of guest conductors and soloists, and arrange gatherings for special events at Symphony Hall and Tanglewood.
  • Arrange for housing for visiting artists at Tanglewood, working with the Seranak Manager, the Tanglewood Housing Assistant, and relevant TMC and TLI staff.
  • Establish contacts with local hotel management, hospitals and government offices, and consulates, for efficient management for guest artists.


  • Develop policies and procedures for Tanglewood Guides.
  • Hire Head Guide and additional Guides.
  • Supervise Head Guide and provide information and resources to seasonal staff.
  • Manage additional office work for Guides through senior staff.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current assignment and staffing of guides.


  • Work with the Artistic Administrator to develop program-based special projects for the subscription and Tanglewood seasons.
  • Develop budgets for special projects.
  • Provide the research, back-up, and administration of special projects.
  • Work with the Press and Marketing departments to effectively promote and support special projects.
  • Seek out new creative partners beyond the BSO for such special projects.


  • Assist with special educational and collaborative projects with outside organizations, as required.


  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent in music.
  • Minimum five years experience in an office management or related role.
  • Knowledge of classical music.
  • Computer skills including word processing and spreadsheets.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, maturity and respect for confidential matters.
  • Must be articulate, patient, have a high energy level and be willing to work flexible hours.
  • Proven skills in successfully managing multiple projects simultaneously and effectively.
  • Experience and effectiveness in a fast-paced environment.
  • Basic knowledge and experience in the application of tax treaties and work rules for domestic and foreign artists.
  • Strong writing and communication skills and ability to work effectively with diverse groups of stakeholders.
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Equal Opportunity Employer!



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