Dee Sylvester

Talent Acquisition Partners

Dee Sylvester began her professional career in staffing haphazardly in 2001. She sought out to obtain a job by seeking the help from a staffing firm in downtown Toledo. When interviewing to be placed in a professional administrative position the company asked that she think of working in the office of the staffing firm. Dee being excited and flattered accepted the position, and there starts her long term career in talent acquisition.
Dee found staffing to match well with her personality. It allowed her to utilize her profound communication skills, through her positive spirit she was able to bring out the best in people and successfully place them into positions that matched their skillset. Also discovering her talent as a skilled sales woman, she was able to successfully partner with employers and gain their trust by helping to develop and enhance their workforce. As she discovered that employment and human resources were a natural fit she continued to pursue her career in staffing and talent acquisition.
As Dee began to find her footing in corporate America, she found it extremely necessary to finish her degree. Though difficult, Dee managed to work and attend school on a full-time basis. As well as parent her beautiful daughter. Her determination and persistence to succeed were to prove to her daughter that with hard work anything can be accomplished. Dee graduated from the University of Toledo in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences, with a concentration in Television Broadcasting.
Mrs. Sylvester had a deep interest in entertainment television and tried pursuing a career in Toledo local news but struggled to get her career started. She decided to stick with staffing, and possibly circle back around to broadcasting later in life.
Throughout her career in talent acquisition, she has worked with organizations within a wide range of industries. From automotive manufacturing, city government, retail, transportation, entertainment, insurance, cannabis and healthcare. One of her many talents is being able to relate and effectively communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Advancing the careers of many from either helping college graduates find their first job to helping experienced professionals become promoted into C-level executive positions. Dee has found her successful career rewarding and as an act of service.
Now 19 years in talent acquisition and nowhere near retirement. Dee is continuing to expand her reach. She is now Vice President of Talent Acquisition of Recruit Aid Agency, LLC. She continues to find joy in helping others discover their passion and purpose in life. Her ultimate goal is to leave behind a legacy of service and love for all.